How to Survive a Road Trip

Road trips are a fun way to spend a few days in the summer. Getting together with some friends and heading to the beach, a campsite, or maybe the world’s biggest ball of yarn makes for some great memories. A key part of a road trip is the drive to the destination. This can start out as a fun time, but can also take a turn when people start to get on each others nerves. Here are a few tips to help survive a road trip.

Let’s start with the car temperature argument. There is always someone that likes the car cold. If you’re not that person then pack layers. Choose something you can easily take on or off like a zippered sweatshirt or even a blanket. A Snuggie, although not the most fashionable of choices, might be your perfect solution. If you’re the driver and your hands will be right near the vent bring a pair of fingerless gloves that go up to your elbows. It might seem silly for the summer, but they’ll give you the grip on the wheel you need and keep you warm, not to mention keep your passengers happy.

Keeping the top down or the windows open might also be a concern. Having your hair whip around isn’t the most pleasant feeling. We suggest bringing a scarf to wrap around your hair to keep it in place. Add a pair of sunglasses and you’ll look old Hollywood glam.

Another tip is to bring snacks. When people are hungry they lose their patience more quickly. Make sure to pack easy to eat foods that aren’t too messy or smelly. Peanut Butter crackers, goldfish, or granola bars are good options.

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Summer Road Trip

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