Minions Movie Inspired Looks

A fun summer movie to check out in the theaters is Minions. The little yellow fellas are adorable and hilarious, as always, and their new boss Scarlet Overkill is focused on fashion and of course being an evil villain. We created outfits inspired by these characters and yet managed to avoid blue overalls.

Let’s start with our favorite characters first, the Minions. Their fashion sense is simple, blue overalls and black accessories. We didn’t want our look to automatically have overalls though. This outfit is supposed to be inspired by the characters, not a costume of the characters. So come Halloween we’d be giving different advice. To keep the denim in the look, we opted for a blue denim corset. If offers full coverage and shows off your curves. We kept the look casual with a sweet feminine yellow skirt that balances out the structured top. Then we accessorized the look with black studded sandals.

For our Scarlet inspired look, we wanted to switch up the feminine red dress with something that still showed off her curves, but was a little more intimidating. We chose a black corset for the top and a pair of red pants for the bottom. Although you can’t hide all her cool destructive gadgets in this look, you can still look feminine and fierce. We accessorized with a shiny pair of thick strapped black high heels. For some extra accessories, a bold statement ring or necklace would be perfect.

Our Minion and Scarlet looks were both accessorized with a black abstract rhinestone hard box clutch. It can look chic for Scarlet, who loves her bling, or converted into a shoulder purse for a casual addition to the Minions’ look.

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