Crystal Hard Box Mini Cocktail Clutch

We adore clutches that can be added to almost any outfit in your wardrobe. If you love these types of clutches too, then check out this crystal hard box mini cocktail clutch. It features light catching crystal beads which are stunning and elegant. It’s a fabulous purse to wear to a formal occasion like a wedding or fancy dinner.

This clutch makes us think of summer, not only because of its teal option, but also its silver and black options. The way the light plays with it and the coloring, reminds us of the ocean and of beach glass. This purse isn’t just for the summer though. It can be worn all seasons and would look really sharp in winter.

This purse is also great with less formal outfits. Just add the optional chain strap and you have a more casual shoulder purse.

If you’ve been searching for a beautiful wedding clutch, then this is the bag for you. Choose the silver for a more traditional look or choose the black for a more dramatic vibe. If you’d like to check off your something blue, then pick the teal. It’ll be a playful pop of color off your dress too.

Check out all three colors of this sophisticated clutch at Chicastic.

Crystal Hard Box Clutch

Free standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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