Throwback Thursday- I Dream of Jeannie

Everyone wishes they could have their own personal genie. We could wish for money, fancy trips, and even help with our fashion! For this throwback Thursday we took inspiration from the 60s TV show I Dream of Jeannie and created a modern look that mere mortals can wear.

Option one consists of a skirt and crop top. We chose a fuchsia skirt that has a long sheer layer on top of a shorter base layer. It’s perfect for a genie inspired look since it mimics the fabric of Jeannie’s pants. For the top, we didn’t want something that exposed too much, such as a bedazzled bra, so we opted for a simple white crop top to show some midriff but keep it classy.

Option two is a light pink jumpsuit. This look keeps the pants and femininity of Jeannie’s look but really brings it into this decade. We love the flow of the extra fabric in front to give it a soft easy vibe.

We paired both looks with gold clutches. We chose ones that were ornate and shiny like a lamp. Feel free to play up this part of the outfit with colors and other ornate details.

Check out the skirt and many fabulous clutches at Chicastic and start making your fashion wishes come true!

I Dream of JeannieI Dream of Jeannie by chicastic featuring a gold purse

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