What to Wear to a Kid’s Birthday Party

If you have a kid, or know someone who does, you will inevitably be invited to said child’s birthday party. But what do you wear? Adult birthdays are easier to dress for. Depending on the venue you pick out a nice dress or a pair of dark jeans and heels. For a kids party, the options aren’t so clear. You want to look nice, but you need something practical. Heels aren’t going to be your friend at this event.

When picking out an outfit consider the venue like you would for an adult party. This time, however, factor in how active you’ll need to be. Is it at a place with ball pits, trampolines, or jungle gyms? If yes, then wear an outfit with a higher neckline, shorts or pants and make sure you have socks. A lot of facilities require you to take off your shoes. You don’t need to wear sneakers but just make sure you have a pair of socks in your purse.

If the party is someplace less active like a backyard, arcade, or fun restaurant, then you can wear a sundress with sandals or a skirt and tank top. Just be comfortable in what you choose. It’s a kid party, you’ll probably end up helping a child somewhere along the way, whether it’s tossing a ball back or helping with an art activity. Don’t pick an outfit that you’ll worry about bending over in because it’s too low cut or the bottom is too short.

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Kid's Birthday Party Outfits

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