Throwback Thursday- Blue Crush

Kate Bosworth tackled some big waves in tiny bikinis in Blue Crush in 2002. Not much has changed in the bathing suit department since then. You can still mix and match and it’s really more about what works for your body type. For this throwback Thursday we decided to create a formal look Kate’s character could wear that was inspired by the bikini and the ocean.

A bikini is made of two pieces, a top and bottom, and shows off your midriff. When choosing a bikini inspired dress keep this in mind. The dress doesn’t need to be in two pieces, but it does need to expose some midriff. To stay on trend you want to keep the amount of exposed stomach to a minimum. We love these two dresses. A light blue piece that has just a peek of midriff and a white dress that crisscrosses over the stomach to create the illusion of showing less skin. We chose these colors because they remind us of the blue ocean and the white crest of waves.

When it came to accessories, we again were looking to be inspired by bikinis and where you wear them. We factored in the sparkle of the sea and chose a silver clutch and silver high heels. If you’d like to add a statement necklace, try to pick something that doesn’t look too heavy. This is an easy going look and the jewelry should match that vibe.

Check out these accessories and more at Chicastic and ride that fashion wave.

Throwback Thursday Blue Crush

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