Beach Inspired Fashion

Can’t make it to the beach this summer? Or maybe just not as often as you’d like? Then bring it to you through fashion. Check out these beach inspired pieces to give you that day in sun, crash of the ocean waves, sand between your toes feeling.

One key element of the beach is the sand. We took that inspiration and picked out this cute glass bugle bead clutch in gold. The design is made up of tiny beads just like all the grains of sand that make up the beach. It comes with a chain strap so it can easily be converted into a shoulder purse.

The next piece we focused on was the blue ocean. We chose a blue enamel bib statement necklace. Perfect for casually wearing over a t-shirt or for an office work outfit. We also picked out a pair of navy rhinestone peep toe high heels. When the light catches the rhinestones it’s like the sun bouncing off the ocean waves.

Another great thing about the beach is basking in the sun, with sunblock of course. This bright yellow cardigan can give you that happy feeling even when you’re sitting in your chilly air conditioned office. The last piece we chose also works well in the office or a cooler setting. It’s a beach towel inspired multicolor striped pashmina scarf. Wrap it around your shoulders like you just took a dip in the water.

Check out all these great pieces and more at Chicastic and picture yourself in a fun summer setting.

Beach Inspired Fashion

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