How to Pull Off a Surprise Wedding

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux pulled off a surprise wedding under the rouse of a birthday party. Many people don’t need to do this because there’s no paparazzi following them around but if you feel so inspired, here are some tips.

If you’re planning a surprise bridal shower for someone then it’s best to keep everyone in the loop except the bride. The opposite applies to a surprise wedding. Only a few key people should know. A cover story is the best approach for getting your guests to dress appropriately for the day. Pretend it’s a birthday or even someone’s anniversary party. If there are certain guests who you wouldn’t want to miss your day, like your siblings or parents, it might be best to tip them off.

Decide if you want your guests to find out it’s actually a wedding as they arrive or if you want to mingle a little first and then bring them to another part of the location. We’re fans of the second approach. Just imagine, your guests arrive to your house, the curtains to the backyard are drawn so they can’t see the chairs set up for the ceremony and then they are ushered outside and totally surprised! You can even set up a video camera to record all their reactions.

When planning your wedding outfit keep it subtle. If you show up in a white ballgown the gig is going to be up pretty soon. Instead, keep your white dress simple and a little more casual, like with a knee length party dress. Wear a pair of blue heels or a blue rhinestone headband for your something blue. Keep wildflowers in a vase nearby for an easy bouquet. Your groom can wear a casual dress shirt with tie and pants and easily throw on a jacket at the last minute.

Decorate with versatile decorations that could be for a birthday or a wedding such as paper lanterns and candles. And don’t forget the food! You don’t have to have an elaborate meal planned, but some hors d’oeuvres and cake is still appropriate.

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