Throwback Thursday- Care Bears

If you’re a child of the eighties then Care Bears hold a special place in your heart. They were loveable cartoons and everyone had their favorite- Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, and Bedtime Bear just to name a few. You could identify with at least one of these fluffy little creatures, even if it was Grumpy Bear. In honor of throwback Thursday we are using these bears for fashion inspiration.

To work the Care Bears into your outfit there are a few different routes you can take. You can be super obvious and wear a shirt with the characters on it or a shirt with a giant symbol on the front. We’d rather something more subtle and fashionable. Choose a symbol from one of your favorite characters and work that into your look. For example, Tenderheart has a large heart on his stomach so choose a blouse with a heart pattern or a necklace with a heart shape. It still expresses the symbol but doesn’t look super cheesy. Another example is Cheer Bear. You don’t need a belt with a giant rainbow on it. Instead choose an item of clothing with a pattern that has the colors of the rainbow but without the shape itself like this triangle necklace. Bedtime bear easily works into your wardrobe through moons or stars. A pair of blue star leggings is a perfect interpretation.

As you can see it’s not difficult to work the Care Bears into your look, so check out Chicastic and find your power symbol in accessories and clothing today.

Care Bears

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