Repurpose Your Accessories

We’re big fans of Project Runway and are excited that the next season has started. Last weeks episode was the unconventional challenge. Contestants had to take materials from greeting cards and turn them into wearable fashion. We love the concept of repurposing items to create something new. It’s so easy to do this with accessories you already own. Check out some ideas below.

A necklace doesn’t need to be worn around your neck. Try it as a headband or wrap it around your wrist a few times to create a bracelet. Another neat idea is to wear it as a belt. It doesn’t need to go all the way around your waist, just pin it to the front, wear a blazer and you have a creative new work look.

Brooch pins are another accessory that can easily be repurposed. Instead of pinning it to your shirt or jacket, pin it to a clutch or a headband for some extra bling.

There are numerous ways to wear scarves around your neck, but have you thought about how else you can wear them? Experiment with your favorite patterned scarf as a headband or a belt. A pashmina scarf is great as a wrap around your shoulders but why not take it a step further and wrap it around you to create a new top?

If you’re not super creative, there are always items with their versatility built in. Many purses at Chicastic have optional straps that transform them from handheld clutches to shoulder bags.

Check out all the accessories at Chicastic and think outside of the fashion box.

Repurpose Your Accessories

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