Throwback Thursday- Jaws

The movie that made you fear swimming in the ocean is 40 years old this year. Instead of fearing sharks though, we decided to use them for fashion inspiration. Check out ways to bring this feared sea creature into your closet.

First let’s look at the color options. There are a few colors to work with. There’s the gray top of the shark, white bottom of the shark, blue ocean, and red if you’re a little morbid. We’re sticking with gray and white for now. Use this color combo to create a sleek and powerful ensemble. We’re thinking gray leather pants, a long white blousy shirt, and some fierce looking heels. You can use these colors in your accessories as well. For example, try this gray knuckle duster clutch. It’s strong and yet shimmers like the ocean.

For a more literal interpretation of a shark, try accessories like shark tooth stud earrings or a shark tooth necklace. Don’t wear both at the same time though, you don’t want to be too shark matchy matchy. Another fun way to bring this ocean beast into your look is through nail art. Keep it simple with just gray, or a french gray and white look, or go all out with little sharks and fins.

Check out Chicastic for some great fashion accessories to help you achieve your Jaws inspired look.

Jaws Inspired Looks

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