Orange Clothing and Accessories

Orange isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but we think it’s a great color that brings you from summer into fall. It makes us think of the changing leafs and pumpkin picking. It’s up to you if you want to wear a lot of orange or just a hint.

If you’re into the color, then try this hi-lo orange top. It has a cute button detail on the shoulders and a split in the back of the fabric to show the gray layer underneath which extends lower than the front of the shirt. Another option that’s easy to work into your closet is an orange loose fit cardigan. Throw it over a shirt with a pattern or a solid colored neutral top. Try to avoid pairing it with just black as that can lean towards a Halloween themed look.

For just a pop of color, work orange into your accessories. An orange rhinestone hardbox clutch with tassel is a fun addition to an evening look or a night out with the girls. For something less blingy, check out this snakeskin print hard clutch wallet. It’ll store your cash and credit cards without getting bulky.

If all of this orange is too bright for you, that’s okay. There’s a solution. Wear orange in a pattern so it’s not such a strong focal point. This orange and green striped oblong scarf gives you the color without being overwhelming. You can also try orange in lighter shades like a pastel version or a tangerine.

Check out all these great orange pieces and more at Chicastic.

Orange by chicastic featuring a red top

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