Throwback Thursday- Britney Spears

The MTV Video Music Awards are airing this Sunday. It made us think of who we loved to see perform in years past. Britney Spears gave a lot of memorable performances, mainly due to her outfit choices. For this throwback Thursday we took inspiration from this pop icon.

Britney loved exposing her abs. She wore crop tops and bikini tops paired with low waisted pants or shorts and occasionally accessorized with a snake. This might be fine for a show stopping performance, but it’s not very practical for the real world. It’s usually best to expose one area of skin at a time. For example, a low back to a dress balances out with a lot of coverage in the front. Another example, an exposed stomach balances out with pants or a longer skirt, but definitely not low waisted pants. The trend lately is to wear a crop top with a high waisted bottom. This doesn’t put the abs on super display like Britney would prefer, but it’s a classier approach to the look and is still sexy.

We chose a crop top paired with a graphic black and white pencil skirt. This checks all the boxes, exposed abs, sexy curves, eye catching, and still classy. We accessorized with a pair of black t-strap high heels that are blinged out in rhinestones. Lastly we added a black mesh rhinestone peacock clutch. It’s not quite a serpent, but it’s sparkly and you don’t need to fear for your life carrying it.

Check out the heels, clutch and other fabulous items at Chicastic and bring out your inner Britney.

Britney Spears

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