Layering Summer Dresses for Fall

As summer swings into fall the temperature will start to drop. You might think you need to pack away all your cute summer dresses. That’s not necessarily the case. In fact, we say stock up on end of season sales. You can take that summer dress and layer it to work for fall. Here are a few tips.

One factor in transitioning your dresses is the color. Some colors convey a summer vibe such as teal, coral, and neons. Gear them towards autumn with more muted colors that are associated with that season such as browns and rust colors. This can easily be done with a cute pair of boots or a cozy cardigan.

The other major factor is that it’s cooler and dresses don’t offer a lot of warmth. That’s simple, just layer it up. Add a long sleeve shirt underneath a sleeveless dress or throw on a loose cardigan. Tights are another easy way to keep out the autumn chill. As mentioned above, pair your dresses with boots. It’ll give you a cute fall look and you can keep your toes warm with a pair of socks. And don’t underestimate the warmth of a scarf, it’s another great option for autumn days.

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Summer to Fall

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