Mixing Prints

Mixing prints can seem like a daunting task when staring at your wardrobe. How do you know if that striped shirt goes with that floral skirt? It’s actually easier than you think. Here are some basic rules to guide you.

The main thing to look out for when matching prints is the colors of the designs. You want pieces that have the same colors so it looks like they go together. Ignore what the print is and focus on that. We paired a long pink plaid top with a pair of pink floral leggings. They have similar colors and look great together.

If you’re too nervous about trying to match your colors, then go for neutral prints like a black and white striped shirt or a polka dotted pair of jean shorts. Matching neutrals focuses on the scale of the print rather than the color. We recommend combing pieces that both have smaller scaled prints or one large and one small. Two large prints can be difficult to pull off.

Another tip for first time print mixers is to add a solid color into the look and space out your prints. For example, a printed top with a solid skirt paired with a printed clutch or shoe. This is an easy baby step before the plunge into an all print look.

Check out great printed tunics, scarves, leggings and other accessories at Chicastic and start experimenting!

Mix Your Prints

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