Labor Day Barbecue

We love Labor Day! No work and if you’re lucky there’s a barbecue to enjoy. If hot dogs, hamburgers, and alcoholic drinks are on your horizon, here are some outfit ideas for this end of summer event.

If you’ll be attending a casual backyard gathering today, then opt for a sundress or a lightweight tank, pair of shorts and sandals. Be sure to take advantage of the warm summer day and wear your favorite summer look because soon you’ll be bundling up for fall.

If you’ll be with a more active crowd playing games such as badminton or volleyball then be sure to dress accordingly. A dress or skirt is a little harder to pull off in this situation. We recommend jeans or shorts and a top that provides coverage for when you’re diving for a birdie or a ball. You can still wear sandals if you prefer but make sure they have straps so you don’t slip out of them running for a hit.

If you’re barbecue is part pool party, invite us! Just kidding, but do make sure you have a change of clothes with you. A wet suit with a cover up isn’t fun for the entire day. You’ll want something more comfy when the sun starts to set.

Enjoy one of the last days of summer and check out Chicastic for clothing and accessories for the upcoming fall.

Labor Day Looks

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