Dress Like a Child

If you ask a child to pick out what they want to wear, you’ll most likely get a combination of outfits. Perhaps a sparkly skirt, a polka dot shirt, rain boots, lots of bracelets and maybe even a superhero cape. Kids dress however they want. If they love it, they wear it. Take that same attitude and apply it to your wardrobe. We’re not saying the above outfit is ideal, but rather a reminder of how to think.

You love patterns? Mix them together. Stripes and polka dots, animal prints and florals, the combinations are endless. If you love color, that’s even more fun! How about a purple leopard print crossbody bag or a neon polka dot scarf?

Keep in mind sparkle can be sophisticated. Just because something has rhinestones and glitter doesn’t mean it’s childish. There are fabulous clutches to give you that sparkly fix and still look classy like this silver crystal bow cocktail clutch or this antique inspired fuchsia coin purse.

And let’s not forget about jewelry. When kids add bracelets, necklaces or rings to their outfits, they layer them on and they don’t pick out the subtle pieces either. So go ahead and layer a few bracelets or pick out a statement necklace that makes you feel like royalty. Another tip we can take from children, is that they don’t save certain pieces for special occasions. If they like it, they wear it now. Do the same with your favorite pieces.

Check out Chicastic and bring out your inner child’s fashion.

Dress Like a Kid

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