Throwback Thursday- Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde is known for her love of pink. We can’t argue with that. Pink is such a fun, flirty color to add to ones wardrobe. We wanted to make Elle’s day by showing her some pink items we’re sure she’d love. And remember, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

If Elle needs to make another bunny costume we think she’d consider adding a puffy tail to this hot pink lace up corset. She could even rock it over a pair of jeans with a blazer.

To keep cozy this fall, she could bundle up with this fuchsia knitted infinity scarf. She could wear it over a jacket or in addition to a long sleeve shirt and boots, in pink of course. She could also pair it with these pink and gray striped fingerless gloves.

Whether she’s attending a wedding, having dinner with Emmett, or just hanging with the girls, there are so many pink clutches for her to choose from! This fuchsia pleated rhinestone closure clutch would be hard to resist, perhaps until she saw this pink mesh rhinestone peacock clutch. The bling factor of the peacock is an amazing addition to the already sparkly purse. But then if she saw this pink rhinestone patterned clutch with its shades of pink and fun design we’re not sure what she’d choose!

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Elle Woods

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