Halloween Costume- Robin Hood

The prince of thieves is a great Halloween costume. It’s a perfect choice if you’re a fan of green and it comes with some cool props.

Start with a green corset. It’s sexy and looks tough, just like Robin Hood. Next add a pair of brown shorts or a skirt and add a pair of black leggings or tights underneath. Wear this look with a pair of brown boots. The boots can have heels, or be flat, and can range in length from calf to knee high. If you don’t own a pair already, it’s a great excuse to go out and buy a pair since you’ll also get to use them all fall and winter long.

To help complete the look, you’re going to need a cap with a feather in it. We suggest looking up tutorials online (Hint- the tutorials can also be for Peter Pan hats). They’re pretty simple to make and then you can be sure it’ll fit your head. Create the hat in the same green of your corset and buy a feather, we recommend red or brown, from the craft store. The finishing pieces are the bow and arrow. A real bow and arrow would be dangerous to carry around. Instead, make your own fake set, or buy a child’s play set. If you’re creating your own, buy a long thin dowel from home depot that you can bend, screw an eyelet in both ends, wrap the dowel in brown duct tape and thread some twine between the two eyelets. It’s up to you if you want to make arrows and a quiver to hold them in as well.

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Halloween Costume- Robin Hood

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