Throwback Thursday- The Golden Girls

This week is the 30th anniversary of the amazingness that was The Golden Girls. Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche were such fun characters and had some great lines. Their style was fabulously 80s/early 90s from their pants suits and fashion scarves to their shirt collars above their cardigans and large jewelry. Their looks were so relaxed and we’d like to bring that same feeling into some more modern pieces.

Layering then was loose item on top of loose item and then a scarf or long necklace thrown on. Layering today is a mixture of fitted items and looser items. For example, a form fitting top with a loose shrug cardigan or an open front cardigan with a pair of leggings or fitted jeans would look super cute and still give you that comfy look. Back then, when adding a scarf it usually just hung around their neck, or perhaps Sophia tied it in a little bow, but now it can be wrapped like an infinity scarf and create soft volume. Jewelry, like a necklace, becomes more modern when used as a chunky statement piece rather than a waist length chain.

Bring out your inner golden girl and check out fabulous comfy pieces and statement jewelry at Chicastic. And of course, thank you for being a friend.

The Golden Girls

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