Halloween Costume- Tin Man

Dorothy doesn’t have to be the only character from Wizard of Oz that you see out and about on Halloween. Create a Tin Man costume that’s just as sexy as the little lady who isn’t in Kansas anymore.

Silver/gray is a big factor in this costume. Start with a silver corset and build from there. Add a bottom you feel comfortable with, be it gray leggings or a short gray skirt or maybe a pair of gray shorts. Next accessorize with a silver pair of rhinestone pumps. A pair of silver high tops would look really cute too, but probably a little more difficult to find unless you want to spray a pair. Speaking of which, one of the more important pieces to this look is the oil funnel hat. You can look online for one or go to the store and buy a funnel, spray paint it silver, and attach it to a headband. Another important piece is the heart symbol. That’s all the Tin Man wanted. So display his well deserved heart either with a giant red heart pinned to your corset, or a more subtle and chic way with a heart necklace. Don’t forget to throw in a silver clutch for your evening essentials, even the Tin Man needs a phone, keys, and maybe some silver lipstick.

You can find the corset, clutch, heels and heart necklace at Chicastic along with other fabulous silver items.

Halloween Costume- Tin Man

Free standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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