Halloween Costume- Ballerina

When we were little girls, we adored ballerinas. They were graceful and chic and the outfits were amazing! Fulfill that childhood dream and be a ballerina for Halloween. Keep it traditional with a leotard and shades of pink or feel free to sex it up a bit with a corset and touches of black. We choose the later.

Start with a light pink corset. It mimics the leotard but gives you more va va voom and has cute, and practical, laces in the back. Next you’ll need your tutu. We opted for a short black skirt with crinoline and volume. Now let your creativity take over to create the ballet pointe shoes and tights. You can wear a pair of normal ballet flats and add some ribbon to create the effect of lacing up the shoes. Another option is to wear a pair of closed toe high heels and then add the ribbon, or get really playful and wear a pair of tights with a crisscross ribbon pattern. That’s the route we wanted to take. It’s up to you if you want to match your shoe to the ribbon, we would recommend it though.

For finishing touches, don’t forget to put your hair in a high bun. There are tons of tutorials online that can help you achieve the perfect bun. Add a cute tiny clutch to carry around your phone, keys and a few bobby pins to keep your hair in place.

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Halloween Costume- Ballerina

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