Halloween Costume- Flamingo

A playful and bright costume for Halloween is a flamingo. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you’re dressed in this much hot pink. In fact, for this costume, you really can’t have too much pink.

Start with a hot pink laced up corset top. It’s sexy and fun! Next you’ll need a feather bottom. The style is up to you. You can go super fluffy or for a skirt full of sleek layered feathers. Check out options online or go to the craft store and make your own with a glue gun. Feel free to experiment with different shades of pink for an ombre effect. While you’re at it, make a little beak for your costume. A great way to incorporate a yellow and black beak is by creating some sort of headband or fascinator. It’ll look super cute and help solidify your costume.

As far as other accessories go, it’s again up to you how you’d like to style the costume. You can wear pink tights to keep the color going and to keep warm for the evening, a pair of black thigh highs with a pink bow for a sexy twist, or just opt for a pair of hot pink high heels. When doing your makeup, get really playful with your eyes. This costume is about drama, so play up the colors and your lashes.

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Halloween Costume- Flamingo

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