What to Wear to your Reunion

Seeing friends and classmates you haven’t seen in years can be fun but also nerve wracking. Many people worry about how they look. Maybe your hair is going gray, or a few wrinkles are starting to set in. All we can say is hair salons and beauty products can be your best friend.

If you’re concerned by a few extra pounds you’ve gained, that’s where we can help. If you haven’t had time to hit up the gym before your reunion, there are items out there that can make you look like you did. Chicastic carries body shapers like waist cinchers and underbust waist training corsets to trim you down a little. When putting your outfit together, don’t just go for loose items to cover any problem areas. Sometimes loose clothing can actually make you look bigger. Instead, try dark colors that are more form fitting and then maybe one loose piece like a cardigan. Structured pieces are also great options.

When deciding what to wear, also consider the venue. Is it very fancy and requires a dress? Or is it a bar setting and really only needs a nice pair of jeans and heels? Whatever the case may be, pick an outfit that you’re comfortable in. Confidence is the key to making any look better. You don’t want to wear something you’ll be fidgeting with all night because it’s too tight or low cut. Check out Chicastic for clothing and accessories to help you stand out at your reunion and enjoy reminiscing!

Reunion Look

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