Halloween Costume- Snow White

Snow White is a classic fairy tale character and a great inspiration for a Halloween costume. You don’t need seven guys to befriend you to complete the look, but if you’re wearing this outfit, they just might.

Key colors to this costume are red, blue, yellow and white. We tried to stay true to the placement of these colors as much as possible. We started with a sexy blue lace up corset. It has the shape of the bodice from Snow White’s outfit and plays up your curves. We placed a white bolero style jacket over it to mimic her collar. A small white shrug sweater could also work. Next we added the yellow skirt. We kept it short so we could accessorize with some black thigh high stockings with red bow details. Then for shoes we chose gold rhinestone high heel pumps.

We still needed a bit more red details in the costume so we added her red bow hair accessory. It can be a red hair clip or a bow attached to a headband. You probably don’t want to carry an apple around all night, so instead opt for a red round rhinestone clutch.

Check out corsets, clutches, thigh highs and heels at Chicastic and complete your Halloween costume today!

Halloween Costume- Snow White

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