Halloween Costume- Black Widow from Avengers

For a tough and sexy Halloween costume create a Scarlett Johansson black widow costume. It’s perfect to wear in a group going as the Avengers or it also works as a solo look.

There are just a few key pieces and then the rest is up for interpretation. You’ll definitely need to have the black widow hourglass symbol somewhere. You can display it on your belt like her uniform in the movie or feel free to place it more prominently on your chest or back. It’s up to you if you want to make it a subtle black or a more visible red. You’ll also need a shield agent badge or pin. You can get that pretty cheap online. Lastly you’ll need some sort of cuff bracelets to mimic her weapon. Again up to you if you want to make it black or go for a more prominent gold or silver. Check out super cheap costume jewelry and try spray painting it to your preferred color.

The rest of the outfit is basically skin tight black. You can wear leather pieces or just pieces that conform to your body like black leggings. We’re a fan of wearing a black corset with black leather pants and black knee high heeled boots. It’s up to you if you want to go all out by wearing a red wig. Or if you were looking for a new hair color this might be a perfect excuse to dye it!

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Halloween Costume- Black Widow

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