Halloween Costume- Medusa

Medusa was a feared monster in Greek mythology who had hair made of snakes. Get creative and turn this creature into a Halloween costume. You can go to town on snakeskin accessories and really have fun with your hair.

We chose a pair of snakeskin print leggings to get the look going. We then added a green lace up corset which reminds us of the color of some types of snakes. We were going for a sexy and fierce vibe but you can also go with an outfit that looks more traditionally Greek by wearing some sort of toga.

The accessories you choose can be really playful like a snake wrap bracelet or a snakeskin clutch. For shoes, you can go with a gold heel which looks more Greek goddess or opt for another snakeskin item like a patterned boot or heel.

The hair is where the real fun happens. Get creative and try a few different hair styles. Perhaps twisting all your hair and then pinning rubber snakes into it. Paint soft rollers to look like snakes and roll them into parts of your hair. Create a headband with snakes attached so it’s an easy on easy off approach. The sky is the limit and remember, the internet is your friend if you get stuck and need help coming up with a hair design.

Check out Chicastic for great snakeskin clothing and accessories and try not to turn anyone into stone this Halloween.

Halloween Costume- Medusa

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