Halloween Costume- Vampire

Add a pair of fangs to any look and you have instant vampire. However, we prefer to create a seductive, dark Victorian era inspired vampire for our Halloween costume. This look requires some sewing or a healthy obsession with Etsy.

We started with a wine red lace up corset. It gives the fitted sexy shape needed on top to balance out the next item which is a voluminous skirt. This time period calls for a bustle, which can be surprisingly sexy. We prefer a high low design with a short front to the skirt but then longer fabric in the back. If you’re creative, then head to the fabric store and start pinning and sewing. It can be fabric draped and bunched in the back or even tiers of ruffles. If you’re not super creative, search for skirts online using terms like bustles, steampunk, or Victorian skirts.

Accessorize the look with cute lace up high heel booties. Thigh high stockings or tights are optional, although we like the idea of ripping them for a bit of a disheveled rough vibe. And don’t forget the key piece! A pair of fangs is a must have in this costume. Have fun accentuating them with dark lipstick and smoldering eye makeup.

Check out this corset and other great colors at Chicastic and have fun sinking your teeth into this costume.

Halloween Costume- Vampire

Free standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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