Throwback Thursday- 1920s Gangster Halloween Costume

Gather up all your pinstripe clothing and accessories and create a 1920s gangster Halloween costume.

We started the look with a pinstripe underbust corset. It has great style, mimics a vest and is pretty sexy. Underneath it we placed a white button down shirt. You can leave the sleeves long or roll them up if you like. We added a pop of color to the look with a red tie. Wear it tucked under the corset. For the bottom, it’s up to you if you’d like to wear a skirt or a pair of wide pants. You also have the option to continue with pinstripes or keep it solid black. If you opt for more pinstripe, be aware of the size of the stripe, you want it to match the stripes on the corset.

Accessorizing this look is easy. Stick with black or pinstripe items. If you’re not a fan of all this black and want some more pops of color, add a pair of red shoes or a red clutch instead. We decided to add black thigh high stockings to the look and then a pair of black rhinestone high heels. Don’t forget a classic hat to really give that gangster vibe. The last optional accessory is a toy gun, it can look like a small pistol or the classic gangster tommy gun.

Check out Chicastic for the corset, thigh highs, heels, and other great items for your Halloween costume and try not to hold up too many people for candy.

Halloween Costume- 1920s Gangster

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