Halloween Costume- Wonder Woman

We love Halloween costumes that you can create out of pieces from your closet, or that you can buy items for and then work them into your wardrobe later. Wonder Woman is one of those costumes. This sexy and strong comic book character is a fun individual costume to wear but also great if your group is going as the Justice League.

You’ll need a red top. That can be a red shirt from your closet or a new item like a red lace up corset. The corset can be used again by incorporating it into a jean look or saved for a romantic evening. For the bottoms, if you’re feeling very confident and not worried about the cold, a pair of star patterned blue underpants/bikini bottoms or tight shorts are ideal. If you’d like a little more coverage, opt for a star patterned blue skirt or even a pair of star patterned blue leggings. The blue star leggings can be used again with a long top and a pair of boots. Ideal shoes would be red knee high boots, but red high heels also work. We love these red rhinestone peep toe high heels.

Accessories are key to this look. If you’re crafty, then prepare to have some fun with spray paint or shiny paper. You’ll need a wide gold belt and the Wonder Woman logo to pin to your top. A gold tiara with a red star is another must have. Buy one, or create one with a head band, cardboard and some gold and red paper or spray paint. You’ll also need gold wristbands, which could easily be gold cuff bracelets. Carrying around a lasso of truth is optional, but could lead to some funny party shenanigans.

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Wonder Woman Costume

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