Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow! Hopefully you have your costume ready, but if you don’t here are some last minute ideas with items you probably have in your closet.

Be a princess. Have a spare tiara or a sparkly headband laying around? Pull out an old bridesmaid dress and make yourself royalty. Throw on as much bling as you can whether is be costume jewelry or diamonds. You can also make it into a prom queen look by making yourself a sash.

Be a baseball player. Grab one of your favorite team’s jerseys, borrow one from a friend or just wear a baseball style tee. Add a cap or style your hair into double french braids. Take some eye liner or black lipstick and draw smudges under your eyes. You can even chew some gum if you’re going for the details.

Be a hooker. It’s not the classiest of costumes but you can be creative with what you have in your closet. Have a skirt that’s a little too tight or too short? Perfect! Pair it with a low cut or see through top with a cute bra or try for something a little more sophisticated like a corset. Wear your highest pair of heels and don’t worry if your outfit matches. Tuck a few dollars into your top and feel free to ask party goers if they’ve seen your pimp around.

Check out Chicastic for some last minute inspiration and have a scarily good time!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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