Daylight Saving Inspired Outfit

Daylight saving time ended yesterday. This means it’s darker earlier and that can be depressing. So here’s an outfit to brighten your day!

We created a look filled with bright colors and sunny yellow. We started off with a pair of abstract patterned leggings. Not only do they make us smile, but they’re easy to pair with multiple tops because of the variety of colors in the design. You can also tone them down by wearing a neutral colored top. We pulled out the yellow from the leggings when choosing a long cardigan. It reminds us of the sun we are going to miss in the late afternoon.

Accessorizing this combo is easy. As mentioned before, these leggings offer so many color options. We went with a blue sky inspired crossbody bag. Wear a pair of boots to give the outfit a fall vibe and keep you cozy. When choosing jewelry, opt for neutral pieces to keep the outfit from looking like a costume. Perhaps a simple chain necklace or a statement ring.

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