Koselig Outfits

Norwegians know how to celebrate winter the right way. They have the word “koselig” which roughly translates to cozy. It’s really more than that though. It can be warmth, close knit gatherings over a home-cooked meal, candlelight and much more. We know that feeling around the holidays, but they carry it throughout the winter during the short days and cold temperatures. Bring a little koselig into your life this season through fashion.

Pick out your warmest, thickest sweater and pair it with jeans and a fuzzy pair of boots. Find a top that puts a smile on your face, like a fun pattern or a phrase that means something to you. Try feeling super cute outdoors and keeping warm in a winter jacket paired with a woven hat, gloves and a knit scarf. We picture outfits warn in all those holiday movies and TV specials. Perhaps a hat with ear flaps or with a fun pom pom on top, earmuffs, or warm woolen mittens. Even for a night in, how about some flannel pajamas, a robe and a pair of toasty long socks?

Think warm, think comfortable and think of things that bring you joy in winter months. A glowing fire. A meal shared with family or friends. Some wonderful stories shared over a few drinks. Bring that holiday cheer feeling into everything you do and enjoy the winter and snow until it’s spring again. Check out Chicastic for toasty accessories to help you achieve some koselig.


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