Christmas Card Outfits

It’s almost time to start sending out Christmas cards. Some people prefer store bought cards while others like to send out ones with family photos. If you’re the photo type, you can pick out a nice one from the past year or pose specifically for the Christmas card. Choosing to pose for a family photo then leads to the next important question, what will everyone wear?

There are many options of how to style your family. You can keep it simple and just have everyone dress in something nice, such as slacks and casual dresses, or you can create themes such as choosing a specific color palette. Have your family dress in silver, gold and red for a festive holiday look or try everyone in shades of blue to keep the look cohesive.

Take the photo up a notch by having everyone dress in formal attire and pose like you’re on the cover of a magazine.

Another great theme is a snow day. When it becomes a winter wonderland outside, bundle your family up in cute hats, scarves and gloves and reenact a snowball fight or pose while building a snowman.

Keep with the bundling up theme and pose everyone in warm sweaters and socks, or even cozy pajamas, curled up on the couch or by a fireplace.

Check out great cozy and chic looks at Chicastic to help bring holiday cheer to your Christmas card.

Christmas Card Photos

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