How to Accessorize for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

December means ugly Christmas sweater parties! Everyone dresses up in green and red vests, sweaters with reindeer on them, or even ones with light up features. But how do you accessorize something so gaudy? There are three approaches to choose from. Either keep your accessories simple, go for a matchy matchy look, or go full out gaudy.

If you want to rock an ugly Christmas sweater and keep it as chic as possible, if that’s possible, wear classic accessories like diamond stud earrings or a silver bangle.

The next step up is a matchy matchy look. That means choosing accessories in the same colors as your sweater. Green Christmas tree on the front? Wear green dangle earrings and carry a sparkly green clutch.

Now if you’d rather go full out with the theme that’s an easy task. Choose accessories that have a lot of details to them, are large, and clash with the bright colors of your sweater. Statement necklaces would be perfect for this over the top look. You can also layer up on the bangles or choose a waterfall necklace. If you can find accessories with holiday items on them, like Rudolph earrings, then even better. Feel free to add a red and green scarf too. Patterned leggings can also be a fun touch.

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