Gifts in a Pinch

Christmas is only three days away, but you haven’t bought for everyone on your list! What do you do?! Don’t panic yet. You still have options. There’s rush shipping options for a lot of websites and you can bundle up in your hat and gloves and head out to brave the mall if needed. If neither of those options sound appealing, then here are some ideas to help you finish up your holiday shopping.

Music. Some sites have options to purchase an album and gift it to someone so they can download it themselves. This saves you expedited shipping charges and it’s stress free. For a more personalized version, download songs and make a mix cd for someone. It can be songs that you’ve sang together, a mix of their favorite artists, a theme of girl power tunes, whatever you like.

Gift card. Gift cards can seem impersonal, but if you know a store or restaurant they really love or have been wanting to try, it’s actually a nice gift. If gives them that extra money they need to buy those heels they’ve had their eye on, or try that new sushi place in town. Depending on the place, you can go to a local supermarket or gas station and purchase the gift card. If it’s not a chain store, you can still pick one up from them directly, possibly have it emailed, or sometimes they’ll even mail it for you. Chicastic has gift certificates for the fashionista in your life. Purchase it at our website and we’ll email it to you.

Another last minute option, which works best for family or close friends, is to buy the item you know they’ll love despite it not arriving in time. Whether it’s an infinity scarf, a mug with a cat on it, a cute cardigan, or some other item, purchase it online, print a picture of it, and wrap it up. They’ll still have something to open and it won’t be something you had to settle for. If you know their address, you can even ship it to them directly.

We know the holidays are stressful, just remember it’s really about family and friends, not about the gifts. But if you still care about the gifts, then check out Chicastic for stylish ideas.

Last Minute GiftsFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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