New Year, New You

Say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016! If you’re like us, you bid a farewell to the old you and are ready to start 2016 with a bang!

This coming year is all about sticking to your resolutions. It’s all about change. What better way to kick yourself into better habits than the start of a new year?

Yes, resolutions can be tough to keep. But why do they always have to seem impossible to attain?

Need some help finding a realistic New Year’s resolution? Well we have some ideas that could help you out.

Clean Eating

Stop trying out all of the fad diets that never seem to end well. Just start eating cleaner. Instead of eating ice cream, try opting it out for yogurt. You can even stick it in the fridge to get that delicious frozen taste. Switch out milk chocolate and try eating dark chocolate. It tastes richer but is much better than the super sweet stuff. And don’t forget, fruits and veggies are your friend! Try incorporating this into every meal you have.

Working Out

You don’t have to brave those crowded gyms after the holiday season. Simply start pumping your blood while at home. Do a couple of calf raises when you’re brushing your teeth. When you drop something on the floor, try doing 5 squats to get it. Increasing the amount you workout doesn’t have to be some drastic measure. All it takes is a little more movement everyday.

Update Your Closet

Fashion is always changing. So don’t be afraid to change with it. Every season has it’s ‘must haves’, so why not have them? Head to the store and buy that poncho, wallet, jeans, the waist trainer you’ve always wanted to try and those pumps you’ll look fabulous walking in. It’s 2016, don’t let your closet get stuck in 2015!


What are you going to do with all of those old clothes you have? Donate them! People are always in need of clothing items. Go to your local clothing drive and drop off all of the shirts and skirts you didn’t wear. Getting rid of all that closet clutter will not only make you feel good but, it could help someone who needs it.

Chicastic hopes you had an excellent holiday season. We just know you’ll have an amazing new year!

New Year


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