Purple Pleated Satin Bridal Clutch with Rhinestones

The big day is almost here and it’s just about time to show off all you’ve got. Well… it’s not exactly your big day, but you’re in your best friend’s wedding so you’re part of hers! You and all of the other bridesmaids will be looking flawless in your dresses, done-up hair, and makeup.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.43.20 PM.png

The one thing you haven’t planned out yet? A fabulous accessory to hold your most important possessions. This Purple Pleated Satin Bridal Clutch with Rhinestones would be the ideal accessory for the wedding day. It’s versatile, elegant, and super classy.

The sparkling rhinestones, pleated design, and perfect size are all great reasons why it should be yours. It’s 9″ long, 4″ high, and 2″ wide and even has a chain tucked inside for hands-free activities!

It would also make a thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids if you’re the one getting married! This clutch purse is a beautiful accessory to give out to the most important girls in your life.

Select your favorite from the wide array of colors and grab this sweet clutch! For more great wedding accessories visit Chicastic today!

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