How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

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This post goes out to the wedding party and the wedding guests! Summertime is HOT! Here are some tips to dress appropriately for the weather during a summer wedding of any style!

When planning a summer wedding, color is of utmost importance. You want to reflect the spirit of the season! Jewel tones mixed with soft pastels can work very well. For example, a soft periwinkle blue paired with kelly green is absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few more color schemes that might work well:

1. Navy Blue and Hot Pink

2. Peach and Emerald Green

3. Rose and Grey

4. Gold and Red – for daring brides!

5. Orange and Lemon Yellow – can you pull that one off?

6. Black + Any Jewel Tone (great for evening weddings)

Next, you want to make sure that your outfit, dress, or gown is weather appropriate, especially when the temperature climbs! It’s all about keeping your cool while looking elegant. You will want to skip the stiff and heavy traditional dresses of brocade, satin, or taffeta. Breathable fabrics are a definite must to fight off humidity and overheating. Short dresses are not the only option, as long as whatever you choose to wear is made of light and airy fabrics like silk, chiffon, cotton, or linen. Floor length gowns are made even more summery by way of vibrant colors. A lace overlay is especially summery and very pretty.

One caveat: You must respect the couple’s dress code requirements. Regardless how hot it gets, formal means formal. Do not show up in a cotton sundress and wedges to a formal summer wedding, or you’ll end up being “that girl” at the wedding. Make sure you match the formality of the event.


There are a plethora of summer bridal and bridesmaid dresses available today. They usually show some skin (strapless, off the shoulder, one shoulder) because in the summer, it is acceptable to show more skin).

If you choose to wear a short dress, don’t go too short. Unless you’re in Vegas, because everything stays in Vegas. A few inches above the knee is short enough. Add some summer sparkle with a pair of cute rhinestone studded heels. Carry a light scarf with you for an indoor affair because the venue will likely have the air conditioning on turbo. Chiffon scarves or a bright pashmina are both doable. If the wedding is outdoors, be mindful of the style of dress. A short flowy dress might be in danger of revealing too much if the wind blows just right.

Another option for a casual summer wedding is to go with a linen pants suit. This works for both men and women! Women can even shorten the hem of their pants for a capri style. A chiffon scarf in the colors of the wedding theme will add just the right touch.


Semi-formal weddings are just a step up from a fancy tea. Lightweight mid length dresses are acceptable, especially in a beautiful print. You can even wrap your shoulders with a light pashmina during the evening. The clutch or handbag you choose to carry may or may not be covered in rhinestones. That is up to you! Of course, we at Chicastic LOVE our sparkles, so we recommend this velvet clutch for a semi-formal wedding. Just the right balance of bling.


Long dresses are great for a black tie wedding. Make sure that you aren’t squeezed into a corset dress if you are outdoors or you may overheat. Corset dresses will work for indoors, as their inherent strapless style is already summery in appearance. You can even pair a corset with a long skirt. Finish with rhinestone heels and a glittering (repeat: GLITTERING) clutch and you’re good to go! Find the perfect one from Chicastic’s collection of bridal clutches.


This style leaves the manner of dress up to the guests. While most might not go so far as to wear a ballgown, a casual cocktail dress or simple sundress will do just fine for your guests and bridesmaids. You might even let your bridesmaids pick their own dress as long as they adhere to the color scheme. The best part about that is you can give them all a clutch bag gift that matches their style!

A few things to remember:

Summertime is not the time for big heavy jewelry, regardless the wedding style. Stick to studs, tear drops or small dangling earrings. Necklaces should be a thin delicate chain, or a simple strand of pearls or beads. Simple wire bracelets are more appropriate than bold bangles.

Sandals or peep toe heel are a great choice for summertime! Unless the wedding is at the beach, when you may want to forego shoes altogether.

A wedding salon can help you choose the right style of dress. Definitely take advantage of their expertise. They are aware of things that you might not have thought of.

There you have it! Best of luck and many blessings to you on your special day!

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