Sexy Pokemon Group Halloween Costumes

For some SUPER fun, relevant and off the wall Halloween costume ideas, why not stay on trend with the hottest game around? Pokemon Go has been this summer’s blockbuster game! While nearly all video games require you to be inside and sitting down, Pokemon Go has encouraged people to get out and exercise, all for the sake of CATCHING ‘EM ALL! Good for you, Pokemon!

Here are some ideas that you and your friends can try! And with the seemingly hundreds, if not thousands, of Pokemon out there, you are sure to have the most epic group costume with NO repeats!

Chicastic has a wide range of affordable colorful satin corsets in all sizes, perfect for Halloween customization!



Eevee Pokemon Halloween Costume


More ideas! How adorable are they!?

POKEMON Halloween!



All corsets, scarves and shoes are from Chicastic!

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