DIY Sexy Bird Costumes

Birds are a fun costume idea because basically ANYTHING goes! You could be a goofy Penguin, a cute Duckling, or even a badass Hawk! But here at Chicastic, we like to see how far we can push the DIY costume envelope with our Satin corsets! Here are a few sexy bird costume ideas!

Sexy Hummingbird Costume Idea



Fleeting and delicate, a hummingbird is a sweet and dainty costume idea! With our Emerald Green Satin Corset and sparkling gold stiletto heels, you won’t have to pay for any nectar at the bar the whole night!

Products used:
Emerald Green Satin Corset
Gold Sequined Heels

Pink Peacock Halloween Costume



Peacocks are known for their elegant green and blue plumage. We are HUGE fans of peacocks (our peacock inspired clutches are some of our best sellers!) and wanted to pay homage to this beautiful bird. But we wanted to take it in a different direction and make our bird pink! You will certainly turn heads in this elegant costume!

Products used:
Pink Satin Corset
Gold Sequined Heels
Champagne Sequined Clutch


Raven Halloween Costume



And lastly, for a dark and sensual costume, go full RAVEN with deep dark feathers and a mysterious mask! Made famous by Poe’s literary masterpiece “The Raven,” this bird is a popular symbol for Halloween!

Products used:
Black Satin Corset
Black Peep Toe Stiletto Heels
Black Glitter Clutch

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