Poison Ivy and Donuts!

Something sinister and something sweet! Can’t get any more different than that! Check these creative DIY costume ideas out!

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume


Poison Ivy is one of the most popular comic book characters! Her sensuality is such that she is able to win even Batman’s heart, even for a moment. Our Emerald Green Satin Corset is the perfect shade of green for Miss Ivy. Carry a matching green rhinestone clutch and strap on a pair of red sequined heels, and you’re set!

Sexy Donut


Okay, who doesn’t love donuts? Here’s a cute idea for a sexy and delicious costume! Pair our Light Pink Satin Corset with a white or pink tutu accented with pompoms! You can even wear our Gold Satin Corset if you want to more accurately represent the color of the fried dough!

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