DIY Sailormoon Halloween Costume



If you were a kid during the 90’s, chances are you were familiar with the Japanese cartoon Sailor Moon! It’s about a group of extraordinary teenage girls who fight evil by the light of the moon! The song was real catchy, too! If you aren’t familiar, check it out HERE!

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts costumes are SO easy to make! You may even be able to put one together with items from your own closet, if you’re in a pinch! Of course, a little more sophisticated and grown up, of course! Why not?

First, start with either one of Chicastic’s White Satin Corsets or White Lace Corsets (the material doesn’t matter, it’s how you style it that will get your point across!). Add a short blue skirt (for Sailor Moon – the other Sailor Scouts wear different colored skirts). Attach a bow to the front of your corset, and attach smaller matching bows to the arms of white satin gloves. Instead of the iconic red boots, wear a pair of crystal red rhinestone heels! Carry a neon yellow clutch to mimic Sailor Moon’s hair and her moon symbol! Wrap a blue chiffon scarf around your neck to symbolize the sailor collar and you’re done!

The best part about Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts costumes is that you can modify certain pieces to represent each of the girls, creating one epic group theme costume! Match your scarf, skirt, and clutch to that of your favorite Sailor Scout and there you go!

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