Celebrity Halloween Costumes

How much fun would it be to be a celebrity for a day? Lucky for you, Halloween is just around the corner and your favorite celebrities are always fun costume options! Here are a couple of ideas to kickstart your holiday!

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume


Kim Kardashian is seriously the IT girl of this decade. Her fame and notoriety has outlasted last decade’s IT girl and former boss, Paris Hilton. Kim is known for her gorgeous black hair, which can be mimicked easily with a luxurious wig. Her eyelashes are iconic and if you aren’t as lucky to be blessed with lashes like hers, falsies can easily solve that problem.

Kim’s curves are also part of her brand. Accentuate your own with a Sexy Halter Style Lace Trim Strong Boned Corset. Make sure your skirt is tight, and you finish your look with a pair of crystal embellished high heels and an opulent rhinestone clutch purse!

Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume


Nicki Minaj is also another celebrity known for her exaggerated curves and multicolored hair! Sporting a very different look than Kim Kardashian, Minaj is known for brighter colors. Highlight your inner Minaj with a pink satin corset. With dramatic lashes of her own, a pair of false lashes can really play up your look. A pair of gold rhinestone heels can really kick up this costume!

Caitlin Jenner Halloween Costume


Last but not least, Caitlin Jenner was another celebrity hot off the tabloids. Fresh from the cover of Vanity Fair, you can recreate this look with a white satin corset, a pair of white boy shorts and a pair of silver rhinestone crystal high heels. Carry your essentials in a matching white satin clutch purse, and you’re ready for your own magazine cover!

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