Fall Accessories Guide

Fall Accessories Guide

September is quickly approaching and it will be time to put away your bright and airy spring/summer accessories and wear richer, darker fall colored accessories. One accessory that is sometimes overlooked is the wallet. Your wallet is just as important as the purse that you carry it in!  Chicastic’s Snake Print Clutch Wallet is the perfect wallet for your fall wardrobe. This chic wallet features a sleek, rectangular silhouette, a rich, dark taupe color and a glossy reptilian pattern. It also comes equipped with pockets for cash, a small zippered change pocket and a top closure clasp.  An added bonus is that this wallet is also vegan and cruelty free and made of a faux patent leather material.  Pair this wallet with other neutral toned fall accessories, such as suede booties, Chicastic’s Crossbody Messenger Bag and Animal Print Scarf for a stylish look for campus and beyond.  The Snake Print Clutch Wallet is available in a variety of colors at Chicastic’s online boutique.  To see other fall accessory items, visit Chicastic.com.



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