Corsets have been a wardrobe staple for decades. Once though of as an undergarment, they have been evolving into a flexible garment that can be worn in the bedroom or as part of normal day wear. Because they are made from different fabrics (including silk, brocade, satin, denim, cotton, latex), you are sure to find a corset that blends seamlessly into your wardrobe.

When worn correctly, a corset is a wonderful accessory that accentuates your curves. They may look uncomfortable but when you finally learn how to wear it, the opposite is true! Click HERE to learn how to put on a Chicastic corset! They key to dressing up a corset lies in creative layering. Are you up for the challenge? Here are several ideas you can try!


Corsets themselves are a complete outfit, as minimal as they may seem. If you add too much in the way of flashy details it will take attention away from the parts of your body you are trying to accentuate. Instead of a flashy pant or skirt, try a subtle or plain high waisted trouser or pencil skirt. You want to stay away from shorter skirts if you don’t plan to layer a cardigan or blazer over it. Corsets are already sexy, so balance is exremely important. A sexy and modest idea would be to pair a pencil skirt with a well fitted top, then layer a corset over it. Keep the skirt and shirt the same color to avoid color overkill. Or you can try a denim pencil skirt and high heeled sandals. For casual weddings, one would do well with a medium skirt and lace corset. Try a full tulle, satin, or linen choice, but why not pair that same lace corset with a different fabric entirely? A white seersucker a-line skirt is an unexpected and chic option. Make sure to add some sparkly jewelry to up the glam factor just a bit! It is still a wedding, after all!


A popular item these days, skinny jeans are a great pairing with corsets. Just make sure that your jeans really hug your legs. Any droop, slouch, or baggy area will take away from the entire look. A sheer top under the corset will add class and cover you up without smothering away the sexiness. Try a regular t-shirt with espadrilles or sandals for a more laid back look. Layer on some bracelets to complete the ensemble.


Wear a close fitting casual tee with a corset and a pair of your favorite jeans (skinny or otherwise) for a funky casual look. On hot days, a pair of shorts would also work nicely. Just make sure the shorts aren’t too short! On cool autumn days, add a pair of leggings or thick tights for added warmth and color!


For another look appropriate for fall, a cardigan or shrug is a great way to soften the sexiness of a corset. Wear a shrug for a sexier look, or a cardigan to cover up a little more. Either way, you’re sure to turn some heads! This pairing works well with form fitting bottoms like skinny jeans, pencil skirts or leggings.


An edgy leather jacket can take your corset to a whole new level. Add skinny jeans, boots, and a colorful scarf or bold necklace for a modern take on Sandy from the musical Grease! For something a little more grown up, switch the leather and boots for an upscale blazer and heels. Blazers instantly tone down the inherent sexiness of corsets. If your corset is a bright color, pair with a neutral blazer or jacket. If your corset is a subtle color, then any bright color or patterned blazer is a definite YES!


Corset dresses are very popular on the red carpet or for weddings and other formal occasions, but there is no reason NOT to wear one casually! You can also try an off the shoulder jersey knit dress with an underbust corset. As long as the dress is fitted close to your body, you should be able to pull this off. Don’t try this with a loose dress such as a shift or the extra fabric will bunch up and not be very attractive or flattering.

There you have it! If you have a corset look that you’d like to share with us, please tag us on Instagram and we will repost! Be sure to check out Chicastic’s line of beautiful corsets here!


A Gift For Every Style

Are you stumped on what to get for that fashionista in your life?  When I buy someone a gift, I first consider their personal style and tastes.  No matter what their style, Chicastic has the perfect gifts that are sure to impress!  Here are some of my selections:


Is she the t-shirt and jeans, sporty type?  The Crossbody Handbag in Blue is the perfect gift for her!  This handbag features vegan leather and an on-trend saddle bag shape.  I would pair this handbag with the Snake Print Wallet in Royal Blue.  This wallet has a sleek, flat silhouette, faux snake print texture and various compartments for both cash and credit cards.  She will be sure to love that these gifts are stylish, yet not overly girly, which is just her style!

Screenshot (75).png

Is she conservative, with a ladylike, classic style?  The Patent Leather Clutch and Open Cardigan will be just right for her.  The clutch bag has a glossy, faux leather fabrication and can be worn for both casual and business attire.  This lightweight cardigan features a super soft texture and a drapey silhouette that makes it perfect for layering. She will appreciate the fact that these are classic, staple wardrobe items that will never go out of style!

Screenshot (74).png

Looking for a gift for a glamorous fashionista?  Look no further than the Crystal Evening Clutch in Green!  This gorgeous clutch bag boasts a dazzling emerald green hue, rhinestone detailing, an oval shape and a flirty tassel.  This gift wouldn’t be complete without pairing this bag with the curve contouring satin Corset.  This gift package is tailor made for someone that enjoys turning heads!

These bags and accessories are available in a variety of colors at  With Chicastic, you will be able to find the perfect gift, no matter what her style!

Lady In Red

Screenshot (72).png

This holiday season is the perfect time to show off your most colorful side. Why not show some holiday cheer and immerse yourself in red all season long! You can always count on Chicastic for glamorous accessories of any color and for any occasion. The Crossbody Handbag in Red is a stylish way to show your festive side on your casual weekends. This handbag features vegan leather, gold hardware and a trendy saddle bag shape. I would accentuate this bag with the Snake Print Clutch Wallet in a matching red. This cranberry hued wallet features a faux snake print fabrication and various compartments for both cash and credit cards. While at the office, show holiday joy with the Open Cardigan in Red. This lightweight, super soft cardigan is perfect for layering over your office wear, for a joyful, yet professional look. For a night out on the town, why not exude a sultry aura and paint the town red in Chicastic’s Corset in Wine Red! All eyes will be on you in this alluring bordeaux colored corset that boasts a luxurious satin texture and strong boning to accentuate all your curves. Pair this corset with the Crystal Cocktail Clutch in Red for a look that will turn heads all night long.  This clutch features beautiful crystal detailing, silver hardware and a removable chain shoulder strap.  These items are available in a multitude of colors. No matter what the occasion, has just what you need to paint the town red!

Office Party Glamour


Are you attending your office’s annual holiday party and are stumped on what to wear?  Remember, even though it is a party, it is still an OFFICE party.  You want to maintain an aura of professionalism, while still looking festive, so save your sequined red dress for another occasion.  The key is to select radiant accessories to liven up your professional attire.  Chicastic has an amazing selection of glamorous accessories that will dress up any office wardrobe!  One of my favorites is the  Open Cardigan in Red.  I love it’s richly saturated color, plush acrylic texture and drapey, lightweight silhouette, which make it perfect for layering over your favorite body-con turtleneck dress.  The cherry red color evokes an aura of cheerfulness that is perfect for the holiday season.  I also love the Snakeskin Print Clutch Wallet in Gold.  This sleek little clutch features a dazzling, iridescent gold tone and has various compartments for both cash and credit cards.  By choosing items in lively red and shimmering gold, you will look festive, while still looking professional.  This clutch bag and cardigan are available in a variety of colors at

Giving The Gift Of Style



What gift do you give to the girl that has everything?  A chic wallet from Chicastic!  Chicastic’s Patent Leather Wallet is the perfect gift for the style icon in your life.  This wallet mixes fashion and function with it’s ultra sleek patent leather texture, purple paisley print pattern and various compartments for both cash and credit cards.  The paisley print design is a perfect accessory for a casual, weekend wardrobe and will please any fashionista with even the most discriminating of tastes.  Why stop at just a wallet?  My favorite way to select a gift for someone is to pair several items that compliment each other.  Why not create a gift basket by pairing this wallet with Chicastic’s trendy, crossbody handbag and luxurious cardigan for a gift that is sure to impress.  Personally, I would appreciate the thought that someone put into curating a look especially for me and you can be sure that she will appreciate it too.  This wallet is available in several colors at Chicastic’s Amazon boutique.  For even more gift ideas and for more shipping options, visit Chicastic’s official online boutique.

Casual Friday

Screenshot (36).png

Everyone enjoys a Casual Friday, but just because it is a casual day doesn’t mean that it has to be short on style.  Elevate your casual look with Chicastic’s Green Snake Skin Print Leather Clutch.  This kelly green, snake print clutch will add an instant pop of color and style to your basic t-shirt and jeans and is the perfect accessory to add to a fall wardrobe.  Pair this sleek clutch with fitted jeans, suede peep toe booties, chic accessories and one of Chicastic’s lightweight cardigans for a well put together, yet casual look that is long on style.  This chic clutch, which is also available in black, can be purchased at Chicastic’s online boutique.  Visit and Chicastic’s Amazon boutique to see a carefully curated selection of accessory and apparel items.

Disney Halloween Costumes

Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess! Isn’t that the dream since childhood? Well, you still can, but with a grown up twist! Check out Snow White, Belle, and Esmerelda below!

Snow White at the Office Halloween Costume


Items in this set:
Pink Chiffon Scarf
Purple Chiffon Scarf
Abstract Rhinestone Clutch
Latex Rubber Waist Trainer

For more DIY Costume ideas, visit Chicastic on PINTEREST
For more shipping options, visit Chicastic on the Web

Haerfest Witch Costume and Snow White at Work Costume

Hærfest Witch


This absolutely STUNNING Haerfest Witch costume was created by reginalove over at Polyvore! Our beautiful Beige Gold Satin Corset is the perfect base on which to build a costume like this! This would be a beautiful group costume idea, as well! If each of your friends designed their own witch costume based on different color corsets, that would make a fun theme, especially at a party or contest!


Snow White at the Office Halloween Costume


Another idea for the office is to go as Snow White! We created this costume with the working woman in mind! As you can see, even though the costume is centered around a corset, a cardigan can keep you covered up. This medium length pencil skirt and red heels can finish off the look beautifully! Don’t forget the poisoned apple, which in this case is one of our popular crystal clutch purses!


For more costume ideas, follow our blog and check out our corsets at!

How To Fly Fashionably



Looking good while traveling can be a challenge, especially when flying. Unlike the slow paced hotel style accommodations of a cruise ship, or the flexibility of a driving yourself on a road trip, flying comes with its own set of challenges. From long lines to security checks to the tiny cramped space in an aircraft, comfort is key. However, comfort doesn’t have to come in the form of sweat pants and flip flops. Here are a few tips to keep you looking stylish even as you take the red eye cross country.



This isn’t the time to wear your spike heels or mini skirt. And unless you’re heading to a business meeting right off the plane, you don’t have to wear a business suit either. Keep your color scheme neutral. Black leggings and a chambray top, tank, or cardigan. You can even wear a soft knitted poncho (because airplanes can be a bit chilly). Keep it to 3 basic pieces (bottom, top, cardigan). If you must accessorize, a simple scarf will do. Don’t bother with belt. You’ll have to take it off at security, anyway.


Ballet flats work well in this situation, or even soft booties. Don’t forget the socks or peds! The last thing you want to do is have to take your shoes off at security and walk through the metal detector barefoot!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.42.43 PM


Wrap your hair in a stylish scarf to keep it out of the way and in place. Airplane seats are known for not being very kind to the back of your head, and if you end up sleeping in a strange position your hair might end up looking worse than if you hadn’t bothered with it at all. You could even try a top-knot and a bandana to keep the strays away!


Not only do they function well as a last minute eye mask, they will hide any tiredness your eyes will show if you happen to fly the red-eye.

Vegan Leather Handbag


A large stylish tote can function as a carry on and hold any accessories you don’t want to wear on the plane. If you need to change your shoes after landing, you can keep them with you. Any touch up supplies such as your makeup, baby wipes and toothbrush can be kept close at hand, as well as a spare outfit and a clutch purse! In addition, a crossbody purse can also keep your wallet and phone close to you.


Don’t bother wearing your very best jewelry. It can get lost while traveling and you’ll never get it back. Time to invest in some inexpensive dupes. Go for cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, simple necklaces and delicate costume pieces.


The air on a plane can be very dry, so keep a small tube of moisturizer with you, as well as some lip balm or gloss. Drink plenty of water as well.

1. Avoid clothes that wrinkle.
2. Avoid clothes that are too tight.
3. Avoid traveling in your pajamas.
4. Avoid wearing white – traveling can be long and delays are frequent. It’s too much to keep your sanity while trying to keep your clothes clean.


For travel friendly accessories and clothing, visit Chicastic!

How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe for BACK-To-SCHOOL

Build A

Back to school shopping can be a daunting task. There’s the pressure of getting the newest trend, the hottest purse, and just keeping up with your classmates. Not only that, but the financial stress of it all can definitely take a toll on your psyche. The solution to that is a capsule wardrobe! A capsule wardrobe is a set number of clothing items you can use to maximize your fashion options! It’s easier than you think to create, and if you look at your closet, you probably have most if not all of these items already! Check out this list! If you notice, you only need about 3 of the basics!



  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Patterned (stripes are a popular choice)



  1. White
  2. Chambray
  3. Patterned

Open Front Cardigans


  1. Open Front (great for layering!)
  2. Shrug
  3. Zip-up or Pullover (for colder days)

Leggings3 LEGGINGS

  1. One Solid
  2. Two Printed (These are fun!)


  1. Light
  2. Dark


  1. Black
  2. Denim


  1. One Solid Maxi
  2. One Denim
  3. One A-Line Solid


Red Faux Leather Clutch


  1. Backpack (this one is a cute staple in a basic black pleather)
  2. Messenger Bag
  3. Clutch (For after school or chillin’ with friends!)

Weave Pattern Clutch Wallet


  1. Clutch Wallet (easy to carry and switch between bags)
  2. Three scarves! (2 knitted infinity, 1 Chiffon)


  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Winter Coat
  4. Raincoat/Trent


SHOES (one for every season!)

  1. Ballet Flats
  2. Sandals
  3. Sneakers
  4. Boots



  1. Chambray
  2. Printed Sundress
  3. T-shirt Dress



  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Flesh
  4. Patterned

There you go, ladies! Now this list doesn’t encompass jewelry or any other personal effects that are a part of your personal style. But this list will help you create dozens of outfits without clogging up your closet with things you will never wear!

Have a great school year, ladies! Check out more of our accessories at!