Creepy Sexy Schoolgirl Marionette

Creepy Sexy Schoolgirl Marionette


Building the perfect Halloween costume doesn’t have to start with the corset. Sometimes, you can start with your face! Find a makeup look that you love, and build your costume around that! For this costume, we started with a creepy marionette face. Follow up with a romantic lace trimmed white corset and a short mini skirt. Wrap a woolen plaid scarf around your neck and finish with a pair of black crystal heels. Carry your essentials in one of Chicastic’s lace and crystal knuckle duster clutches!

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Throwback Thursday- The Craft

The Craft

In the movie The Craft, the young witches wore school uniforms, or versions of a black and white look with thigh high or knee high socks, for most of the movie. When they were in more casual attire, they opted … Continue reading