Chicastic Cross Body Handbag


Let’s face it, ladies – we love our accessories! In fact, no outfit is complete without the addition of some super stylish accessories. So don’t you think it’s time to treat yourself to a brand new handbag? Chicastic’s got you covered! The new cross body handbag with adjustable shoulder strap is just what you need.

Chicastic Cross Body HandbagThe cross body handbag measures 10 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 10 inches tall with an adjustable strap that measures up to 48 inches! Plus, the vegan leather is soft to the touch and in style all year round. With gold tone hardware dressing the zipper and front clasp, the cross body handbag includes additional zippered pockets in both the back and interior! This spacious handbag allows you to store all of your personal items in an organized way with ease and comes available in your choice of beige, black, blue, brown, fuchsia pink, red, teal, or yellow. Bring your new cross body handbag along with you to parties, hangouts, casual lunch dates, or wherever!

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Vegan Leather Handbag

Don’t you just love a good find? You know, something that’s both affordable and stylish? Take handbags, for instance. With so many second-rate bags out there made out of substandard materials and fashioned from hideous designs, it can be hard to find one that’s worthy of your money! With Chicastic’s cross body handbags, you’ll get a high quality bag for a great value!

Vegan Leather Handbag

These handbags are made of soft vegan leather and include an adjustable strap that extends to a length of 48 inches – a versatile alternative to the overpriced bags you’ll find in department stores! There’s plenty of space for all of your belongings because this multipurpose bag measures 10 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 10 inches high. Plus, a heavy duty zipper adorns the inside of the purse, with an extra zipper in the back for additional storage space.

Bring this vegan leather handbag along while you’re running around town or meeting up with friends for dinner! It comes in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find the one that best suits your unique personality.

So quit paying an arm and a leg for other subpar handbags and recognize a good find when you see one!

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Cross Body Handbag

Are you always on the go? Do you need a handbag that’s both stylish and practical? And have you just about given up looking for the perfect one? Well, you’re in luck! Chicastic’s new cross body handbag is fashionable, trendy, and will accommodate everything you need to carry around in your everyday, busy life!

Cross Body Handbag

Trust that you’ll love the look and size of this purse. The cross body handbag from Chicastic will turn heads with its attractive vegan leather and ample storage space. The durable handbag includes zipper closure pockets in both the back and the inside and comes in your choice of eight different colors. This versatile handbag can be used as a shoulder or cross body purse, with the cross body strap making it a comfortable carry that can extend up to 48 inches!

Make the cross body handbag your go to bag for when you’re out shopping, traveling, or running errands! With plenty of room for all of your on the go necessities, the cross body handbag will fit everything perfectly. It’s effortlessly spacious without being heavy. The durable zippers are easy to open and close, but will safely hold all of your important belongings.

Chicastic’s cross body handbag comes in different colors. Take a peek at them here!

Chicastic’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

This Valentine’s Day, don’t waste your money on fattening sweets she won’t eat or overpriced roses that’ll die in less than a week. This year, surprise your true love with a one of a kind gift from Chicastic! From scarves and handbags to jewelry and high heels, Chicastic will help you find a special gift that’s as unique as she is.

Glittery cocktail purses and sequined clutch handbags are the ideal gifts for the lady that loves her accessories to stand out. Do you have a party girl on your hands? Wow your sweetheart with a pair of sexy, red velvet rhinestone embellished t-strap peep toe high heels. (Must-have pumps that add a sultry touch to that little black dress!)

Don’t let your valentine endure the freezing, cold, winter weather without a perfectly plaid oblong shawl or a knitted infinity scarf to keep her warm. (Available in a variety of styles and colors!) And you can never go wrong with jewelry. Chunky statement necklaces and bulky cocktail rings are definitely in. Splurge on a piece that she can wear anytime, day or night.

Chicactic's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

With free standard shipping in the U.S. and low priced international shipping, Chicastic has got you covered! For rush delivery, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll offer up our expedited shipping rates and time estimates. Get your Valentine something she really wants this year and shower her with decadent gifts, exclusively from Chicastic!

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Style Tips for New Moms

Stay stylish and comfy even when you have a new addition to the family to take care of. There are easy ways to look and feel fabulous.

Adding another member to the family can be hectic. Your entire life now revolves around a new schedule and a new person, requiring a lot of time and devotion. A lot of the time you spent on yourself is now diminished in the face of accommodating to your new family addition, and while a baby is a wonderful thing, it does mean that you will have less time for yourself. Even though it’s important to give a baby all of your attention, it’s still important to give yourself attention as well. Being able to feel good about yourself and your appearance as you go about your day will instill you with added confidence and help put you in a better mood. There are some way ways to make sure that you look and feel your best while being a new mom.

You may have had more time before having children to consider what you might wear on any given day, but outfits can be made simple. While complex combinations can be flattering, they take a lot of time and effort to master as well as complete. Simpler outfits can be just as chic and are much easier to put together. One easy thing you can do is to stock up on basics in any number of colors that suit your preferences. Basics are great because they can be mixed and matched to create endless new outfits. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on your preferences and they go with most accessories as well.

As a new mom, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re comfortable, too. Easy to create outfits with mix and match accessories allow you to wear casual but comfortably ensembles while still being able to take care of your new baby. More complex outfits can inhibit your mobility and make it difficult to complete certain tasks your baby might need. Choosing light, breezy and movable clothing will make all of your new mom duties completely doable and keep you comfy while you do so.

You might also want to be ready for anything. While you may usually carry around a detergent stick and perhaps a napkin or two in your purse, you may want to make sure you have some extra back up. Not only that, but you may also reconsider wearing more expensive materials or materials that stain easily. Being a new mom will mean cleaning a lot of messes and having clothing that resists stains or rids of them well is important. Having stain-free clothes can help you feeling refreshed and confident about your look and help keep you feeling motivated and prepared to face your mom duties.

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New Mom Accessories