Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Tips

Switching your wardrobe from winter to spring/summer is a great time to clean out your closet. It can be hard to get rid of things, but here are some tips to help you through it. Start with the season you … Continue reading

Sophisticated Black Backpack

You’re on the go and would love a purse that left your hands free and didn’t weigh down your one shoulder all day.

A backpack is a great solution.  But a modern day woman like you doesn’t want to look like she’s still in middle school.  And you don’t have to look that way.  You can have the style you want and the convenience you need with this faux leather backpack.

This bag looks sleek and expensive.  The design gives you what you love about a backpack and the sophistication you desire. It has two cellphone pockets and a convenient inside zipper pocket.  The front flap is closed by a vintage inspired gold buckle.

You can wear it when running errands or on a date night stroll.

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Pantone Color of the Year

New years bring new trends. Incorporate this new color into your wardrobe repertoire and see how it inspires new looks.

Every year and every season sees to new trends and new styles. The runway introduces us to new ensembles, looks, and introduces us to new ways to wear things. Usually, a color palette emerges with each season, a new set of colors that will define the future fashion trends to come in the following months. The pantone color of 2014 has already been decided: Radiant Orchid. This shade is perfect for spring, which is now officially here, and can easily transition into summer and fall as well.

This color is bold yet soft and pastel at the same time. Purple has always demanded attention and has a certain lingering air of regalia from the times of Romans when they were worn by people of importance and later worn primarily by European monarchs. This color still demands the same admiration today, and this particular shade is both bold as well as demure. The softness of it is perfect for spring. Pastels are great once the weather gets warmer, imitating the emerging flowers in bloom as the earth slowly grows greener. Pastels work great as undertones as well as bold accent colors depending on what other colors they are worn with. They can be used to undertone patterns and compliment like colors, but they can also stand out when worn with paler colors or with neutrals. They add a splash of oomph while remaining soft and supple, and this shade of radiant orchid does just that. It is light while still bringing with it the power of purple. It can stand out more or less depending on what it is paired with, but will always make a statement.

You can try to gather outfit inspiration from this radiant orchid to make your 2014 outfits look equally radiant. One great way to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe is to gather a few pieces that can be mixed and matched. One safe way is to get t-shirts or camisoles in the color to use when layering, that way it can be used as either an accent or a main staple depending on how you wear it. Accessories also work well. Try to snag a light chiffon scarf or a new handbag in this shade to sport now that spring is here. You can also go for the statement route, which may mean finding a statement necklace or perhaps even a versatile blazer in radiant orchid in order to bring it into your other, already existing outfits while still allowing it to stand out and be noticed.

The best thing to do with anything new fashion-wise is to experiment and to mix and match. See what pieces work for you by trying them on in the store and seeing how they mesh with pieces you already own. If you ever feel unsure but are still eager to try something new, always start small and see how you feel. Who knows, you may be influenced to run back out to the store and grab more items in that color!

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Radiant Orchid Clutch

Packing for a Destination Wedding

Packing is stressful and sometimes it’s hard to limit what we want to bring. Plan ahead and think “mix and match” to make the most out of any traveling wardrobe.

Packing is always a bit nerve wracking. Without having your entire wardrobe at your disposal, you are instead forced to think ahead. What will the weather be like? What will I feel like wearing? What occasions will call for what outfits? It may feel even more difficult if you’re packing for a destination wedding, but this is actually a blessing. Knowing what your schedule will be like once you reach your new location helps determine what sorts of outfits you should bring, what to bring as backup, as well as how much to pack.

No matter where we’re going, we want to feel prepared for anything. Packing can be a bit tricky when it comes to thinking of every piece of clothing that might come in handy for any possible scenario, but there are some shortcuts you can take. Applying some mix and match know-how will definitely go a long way.

First of all, you know it’s a wedding, so have your outfit for the wedding day completely planned out and packed. This is perhaps the easiest part of the entire packing business! The rest will depend on where you’re going and how involved you are in the wedding party. First things first, think weather appropriate when it comes to thinking of casual outfits to pack, but try to be versatile. Throw in a dressy jacket or blazer and a fancy shoe that will match anything. That way, you always have a back up dressy outfit should the occasion arise without having to pack any extra ensembles. If you’re in the wedding party, then you will definitely want to bring additional dresses, shoes and accessories for the rehearsal dinner and other events. With these, try and bring pieces that are versatile and can match a wide variety of things. This way, you can mix and match jackets, dresses, shoes, purses and accessories from day to day without packing several individual outfits.

When it comes to accessories, bring some timeless ones as well as a few statement pieces. Traditional jewelry goes with everything and suits practically any occasion, always making itself useful. Statement pieces can be used to dress up more casual outfits or to transform dresses, tops and other ensembles into totally new and refreshed looks. These can also be used interchangeably between casual and formal, making them essential to maximizing your limited travel wardrobe. Remember, try to think of every possible scenario and what clothing will be called for. Then, try to think if you have pieces that can fulfill multiple purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. This way, you’ll be ready for anything.

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Accessories From Small Town to Big City Chic

Different looks call for different accessories. Go one way or the other, but always feel free to mix and match.

The quintessential American small town and big city seem like polar opposites, right? While they do differ in ideology and lifestyle, not everything is completely different. Each are known for their overall style and fashion presence, but it never hurt anyone to mix and match, whether you live on a farm, in a major city, or somewhere in between. Each location has a style all their own and you don’t have to choose just one!

Small town fashion is very much down to earth and relaxed. Much like the lifestyle found outside of the bustling city, small town or country fashion usually tends to reflect this lifestyle. Country or bohemian styles can evoke that earthy, laid back feel. Floral prints and paisleys are perfect for this look. Floral prints, whether they are roses, daisies or ivy prints reflect the greenery and nature found in abundance outside of the city. The foliage and wildlife are seen very much in their patterns, whether they happen to be scarves, canvas handbags, vests, or cardigans, these prints are a great addition to any wardrobe. In that same vein, soft, natural colors are also great if you’re going for that country or small town look, especially when paired with distressed or faded denim and leather boots or booties. Soft or light colors, like whites, creams and pastels of any shade are also part of the small town look and work well with earthy tones including greens, browns and deep blues.

City chic is a little more sleek and simple. While patterns and prints work really well with small town, the one major city chic pattern is animal print. Otherwise, the city look uses more sleek textures such as patent leather, shimmery metallics or bold solid colors with matte finishes. This look almost mirrors the buildings of the big city, sleek glass structures with powerful silhouettes. Animal print clutches paired with chunky chains bracelets or necklaces or bold statement pieces go with this look as well. Colors tend to be in basic neutral, such as black or white, and use bold jewel-tones. Clutch purses in patent leather or matte leather go with everything and black is a major staple color, whether you’re choosing a bag, shoe or piece of jewelry.

As with everything, especially with accessories, mixing and matching is always encouraged. Even though accessories may be associated with certain looks, pairing two different genres together is never a bad thing as long as you color coordinate by matching or offsetting.

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Clutch Purses Under $50

Everybody is looking for holiday gifts at this time of the year and since we want to buy all our near and dear ones a gift, we need to stay on budget. Chicastic brings New Arrival Clutch Purses under $50 which are trendy gifts because they are brand new arrivals and they make affordable gifts because they are all under $50. Visit Chicastic now to find the clutch purse for the ones you love.

Clutch Purses Under $50

How To Wear Emerald Green Accessories

The end of 2013 is almost upon us! There are only a few more months to relish in Emerald Green, the 2013 color of the year! This jewel toned shade is the color of life and rebirth. It is the … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts For Her

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy buying gifts for the special ones amongst their family and friends. Christmas is the time to show your family the love you share and give gifts that show your appreciation towards them. We will make it simple for you this year, by compiling an entire list of affordable gifts for her. These are very versatile gifts, which are also inexpensive that you can buy for anyone, be her your mom, your love interest, a special friend or your sister. These gifts include everything from evening bags to scarves to handbags, basically all the things women love and desire for more and more. Visit Chicastic to find some great gifts for her now so you are prepared well in advance!

Holiday Gifts For Women

Best Hats for Winter

Best Hats for Winter, www.chicastic.com

Best Hats for Winter

The leaves begin to change from green to gold, the skies begin to grey and the air begins to chill. Winter dictates a dramatic change in wardrobe. Put away the tank tops and straw hats, and pull out your winter hats. Cold weather hats come in many styles including cloche hats, beanies, newsboy caps and bucket hats. The style of hat you wear can add a dash of style to your outfit. Here are a few of the most popular hats for winter.

  1. Cloche Hats – Cloches are a timeless style of hat that go back to the beginning of the 20th century. Movie starlets and studio queens popularized this style and they have stayed in vogue ever since. Similar to bucket hats but with a slight brim in the front, these types of caps are available in many fabrics such as felt or wool and come in many colors. The most elegant of winter hats, it is sure to keep you warm as well as dress up your coats.
  2. Berets – Though associated with French culture, these hats have been worn all over Europe for centuries. They are a flat cap that can be shaped in different ways, the most popular being pushed to the side. Berets come in various knits and fabrics that can cover the ears and most of the neck. Though felt is the most popular material, fleece and wool are also common. Pair this hat with a leather jacket and jeans for a chic and casual look.
  3. Newsboy Caps – Made popular by the working class of the 19th and 20th centuries, these hats have crossed over to modern day women’s fashion. Made of felt, twill, tweed and wool, they may not cover your ears but they fit snugly over the top of your head, preserving your hairstyle. These hats look adorable paired with a slouchy sweater.
  4. Skull Caps – Also known as “Skullys” or “Beanies” are snug fitting hats that fit over your head and cover your ears. They come in many different fabrics such as fleece and wool but are most popular when knitted. Available in many colors and patterns, with pom-poms or not, they are easy to match with any casual or active outfit. Because of the way this hat can interfere with your hairstyle, it is best to wear your hair loose, in a low ponytail or pigtails.

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