Brown & Black Rhinestone Crystal Leopard Pattern Hard Box Clutch

Cheetah/leopard print has always been popular. It has come in many shades, colors, textures, and other variations but Chicastic’s leopard print clutch stays true to the neutral color scheme while using rhinestones to add a unique touch to it. This new arrival comes in two variety’s of shape and is one of the latest additions to our Chic and Glamorous Collection. We predict that this clutch won’t be in stock for too long, so get it while you can for yourself, or as the perfect holiday gift for your animal print obsessed friend.

Brown & Black Rhinestone Leopard Pattern Clutch

Leopard print is back for fall but let’s face it, leopard print really hasn’t gone anywhere. This print has become a permanent staple in today’s fashion whether its on the runway, or on the streets of your local city. It has reinvented itself in various ways including colors, textures, and variations of the print. Chicastic’s brown and black leopard pattern hard box clutch stays true to the the classic neutral colors but adds a little bit of sparkle to it with the rhinestones carefully adorned to create the leopard print pattern we all know and love. Get it now at Chicastic, it’s one of our hottest new items.

Animal Prints Clutches and Scarves

This summer let’s go wild with some amazing animal prints in clutch bags and scarf wraps. From Ostrich Print to Snakeskin to Leopard Prints we have a lot of variety in animal prints. This delicate and sheer Light Brown Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf is a summer wardrobe essential. It makes the simplest outfits go wild! Come to Chicastic now and get yourself one of your animal prints in a clutch purse or a scarf or why not both?


Chicastic Animal Print Clutches and Scarves

Animal Print is HOT

Animal print accessories give any outfit an exotic edge! At Chicastic, we have an amazing selection to bring out the animal in you!  From snakeskin patterned accessories and faux ostrich purses to animal print scarves!

Tiger Print Wide Fold Over Envelope Clutch

Tiger Prints are so in this season and especially on the Patent leather clutches, they look totally fabulous. This Tiger Print Wide Fold Over Envelope Clutch is super bold and yet very elegant.

Printed on high quality patent leather with metal trims and magnetic closure, this tiger print clutch has a class of its own. If you want to stand out in the crowd, at a party, or just amongst a get together with friends, come to Chicastic now to buy this tiger print envelope clutch.

Black and White Tiger Animal Print Wide Fold Over Envelope Clutch Purse


Animal Print Suede Clutch Purse

Animal Prints have been in fashion ever since I can remember and they have evolved greatly in style and uses since then. There are Animal Prints like Cheetah Prints, Leopard Prints, Tiger Prints, Zebra Prints being used in everything – Shawls, Scarves, Shoes, Clutch Purses, Jewelry etc.

Chicastic carries a lot of different types of Animal prints in pashminas and clutch purses. Here’s a quick look at the Animal print Suede Clutches.

Duster Knuckle Skull Ring Clutch Purse

One of the hottest evening purses in fashion right now are the Duster Knuckle Clutches. Chicastic has a wide range of these in shimmery gold, silver, bronze, black and grey, satiny black, silver and red, and in bold black and brown leopard prints.

Animal Print Knuckle Duster Clutch Purse

Leopard and Cheetah animal prints like have always been popular in clothing and accessories. Add to that the latest popular design in clutch bags – the duster knuckle (I am sure all you fashion buffs have noticed celebrities walk down the red carpet with a duster knuckle clutch purse) and what you get is an amazing combination of a designers dream and owners pride: an animal print duster knuckle clutch purse.

If you are looking to be a proud owner look no further than Chicastic – the ultimate online store for clutch bags and women’s accessories.

Black & White Animal Print Leopard Print Skull Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch Purse

Suede Animal Print Evening Clutch Purse

Black & White Shimmer Suede Leopard Print Animal Print Hard Evening Clutch Handbag

Suede is a type of leather with a finish like that of velvet. It is much softer than leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability makes it suitable for clothing and delicate uses. It gives an excellent grip and has recently found use in women’s accessories like clutch bags, shoes, and gloves, In fact the term suede comes from the French “grants de suede”, which literally means “gloves of Sweden” ) etc.

Chicastic has recently added hard suede clutch bags to it’s collection with animal print – giving the bags a very royal and a truly bold look.

Gold Shimmer Suede Leopard Print Animal Print Hard Evening Clutch Handbag